If you are interested in having fun and developing your game in the sport of badminton, then you've come to the right place!

At Campushallen's badminton classes, you get help from our coaches with tips and advice. There will be plenty of playing time, too! You can come on your own to the class and the level of the workout is suitable for all. You may borrow badminton racquets from us, however, we recommend that you bring your own as there is a risk that they might run out.

What are you waiting for? 

Type of training


Our different badminton classes:

Badminton bas (beginners)
A class suitable for beginners with little or no previous experience of playing badminton. You will learn the basics of badminton and get to play with others who are at the same level as you. During the session we go through technique, rules of the game and of course there will be lots of badminton play.

Badminton medel (intermediate)
At the Badminton class you get to play a lot, both singles and doubles. Our coaches will be on hand to help you. On Sunday classes, besides regular matches, we also have a badminton series that you can join.

Badminton Avancerat (experienced)
The class includes instructor-led technique exercises and focus on match play. Suitable for those who want a some challenge in their badminton game with faster play and more advanced techniques. Attend the class and challenge yourself!


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