We collaborate with a number of different people and companies to increase the attractiveness to you as a member and customer.   



Linköpings Universitet

Linköpings Universitet, LiU, the basis of our existence. Without students we have no student sports club... The lease at Campushallen is linked to Linköpings Universitet but otherwise there are no grants or financial commitments - but cooperations are many in various directions and on different issues.




LinTek take advantage of Linköpings technology interests. They are members and the technologies common voice for the university, municipality and other organisations that affect and want to get in touch with students. LinTek collect a number of benefits and activities for students at the Institute of Technology (LiTH) and the technology students "union". The cooperation with Campushallen is based on agreements where the students who are members of LinTek are offered benefits such as training cards and exchange of information that is of benefit to students. LinTek is one of the founders of the facility and has representation on the Board of the fundraising foundation.  



StuFF is the student union for students in the Faculty of Educational Science and the Faculty of Arts and Science at Linköpings universitet. The union's main task is to monitor and carry out educational and social issues. Their ambition is that each students university time is as good as possible and that the student' voice is heard everywhere at the university. Cooperation with Campushallen is based on agreements whereby the students who are members of StuFF are offered benefits on training cards and exchange of information that is benefit to students. StuFF is one of the founders of the facility and has representation on the Board of the fundraising foundation. 


SAIF, Swedish University Sports Federation

Swedish University Sports Federation is for those who study at college, university or folk high school and enjoy sport. They have a broad range of activities and is available as a resource for both members associations as well as individual student athletes. Campushallen/LSIF is a member of SAIF and entitled to vote at union meetings and thus able to influence student sports in Sweden. 


Linköpings Municipality

We wish to see ourselves as contributors to a welcomed sports climate in the municipality! There are agreements with Linköpings municipality regarding athlectics hall and during the Winter season 2014 also with respect to ice skating rentals nearby Isovalen. As a non-profit organisation, we have also signed an agreement in idea-based sector in Linköping. Our contacts and exchange occurs mainly with the unit Culture and Leisure at Linköpings municipality.



Intersport deliver sports supplies, clothing and membership offers to us. 


Bergqvist Massage & Friskvårdsutbildningar

Bergqvist specialise in education of massage, fitness and personal training. The school offers courses at all levels, from short trial courses to complete vocational education courses and higher vocational education. Bergqvists classes have as parts of their teaching placement based at Campushallen and a lot of students over the years have done their work experience and become employed at Campushallen!


Linköpings Orienteringsklubb (LOK)

Both Campushallen and Linköpings Orienteering Club are associations that work to promote sport in Linköping and both are connected to RF through its speciality or assocoation category. Our cooperation focuses on the jogging tracks available in Valla woods, and will be reviewed in the coming year, and eventually other areas around Campus. 


Både Medborgarskolan och Campushallen drivs med huvudsyfte att engagera och bidra, till fortbildning och till träningsglädje. Det förenar oss och vi har ett samarbete kring ett kursutbud inom området friskvård och träning.