At Campushallen you have the opportunity to rent a court for your specific needs; gather your friends for some ball game fun, or book your next work kick-off with us. 

Along with our ordinary business, our courts are available to rent for events and ball games. 
You are able to book a ball court, badminton, pickleball or tabletennis court. It is also possible to book our courts for tournaments, PE lessons, sleep-overs at big events, and intruductions for new students. 
Find more information about our facilities here.

Bookings can be made seven days in advance. All prices are per 55 minutes and are payable online or at Campushallen's reception.

Badminton, pickleball or table tennis SEK 80 

Rent a court to play table tennis, pickleball or badminton. No membership required. Nets for badminton and pickleball can be found in the storage room behind the grandstands, court B. Nets for table tennis are stored at Campushallen's reception.

10 sessions court rental SEK 720

Klipp 10 Banhyra gives you ten sessions of badminton, pickleball or table tennis play.
Valid for 1 year from date of purchase.

Entire court SEK 400

15x30 metres.
Our entire courts - A, B or C - are suitable for floorball, basketball, pickleball, volleyball, football and Dodgeball games. 
C court has one mirrored wall and can be used as a dance studio. Music equipment with headset are available to rent for an additional SEK 150.

All courts SEK 1200

48x30 metres.
Full sized gymnasium contains goal posts for handball, floorball boards with rounded corners and large goals, and basketball hoops.
Grandstand to fit approximately 900 spectators available at an additional cost.

Company bookings

Inspire your employees by encouraging sports, working out and healthy choices and come along to our classes. Book in your company for a trial class, or as a set activity throughout the year!

Court equipment

In our courts following equipment is included:
A court:
Handball goal, badminton/pickleball and volleyball nets, benches, roman rings, thick mat, bouldering wall.
B court
Tabletennis table, floorball rink, floorball goals, and badminton/pickleball and volleyball nets.
C court:
Floorball rink, floorball goals, badminton/pickleball and volleyball nets, step boards, barbells, weight plates, streching mats. The C court is equipped with mirrors along one side that can be covered up when playing ball games.

Find more information about our facilities here 


Equipment rental

At the reception you will find a variety of equipment for rent. The equipment listed below requires a deposit, which is your membership card or ID card.
Lost or broken equipment will be charged. 
Badminton balls available for purchase only.

Ice skate rental

During the winter, we give you the opportunity to rent equipment for skating.
Deposit and payment is made at Campushallen's reception.

Price SEK 40 Includes ice skates, blade covers, and helmet.

Sizes  Ice skates 28-47 | Helmets M-L

Read more here, and get access to a live webcam overlooking the Isovalen.