Individual personal training

Welcome to take a new step for your health and fitness! We want you to find motivation, happiness and the right training for you together with one of our personal trainers.

We will help you take the first step to begin training. It is also an opportunity for those who want to optimise their current training a little more, to renew or develop new goals. Whether you are a beginner or have been training for a long time you are welcome to us!



All personal training begins with a consultation together with a Personal Trainer. Book a consultation with optional PT directly on our website or ring or visit Campushallens reception. During the consultation you talk with your PT and based on your goals a plan for one or several occasions and a training session is booked.  A trainings plan may contain a mix of products below, all to help you achieve your goals. 

Time: 30 min



Personal training

Based on your needs your personal trainer creates a tailored exercise programme and shows you how to conduct the exercises. You get the training programme in the digital programme Exorlive where you can register your training and see video clips in the execution of the exercises.  You can choose to work out to a customised workout with your personal trainer. Together with your personal trainer you can optimise and tune your workout specifically to meet your goals. You may have a goal to feel better and gain more energy, to implement a physical performance or to place greater effort on your sport. What ever the goal you together with your personal trainer can focus on finding training based on motivation, training pleasure and results. You can together build longterm routines and establish and follow-up on goals with focus on change.  

Time: 60 min
Price: 750 kr


PT express

PT express is a product that we have developed for you who does not need a whole hour together with your PT.
PT express is a 30 minute session and during this time you can get help with technique that you received earlier or a shorter customised training programme. 

Time: 30 min
Price: 450 kr



Dietary Advice

Food is a big part of our life. What should I eat, when should I eat and how much? There is no general answer to this question but it is completely individual and depending on results you want to achieve. Dietary advice is an option for you together with one of our personal trainers find the right diet just for you. The personal trainer helps you find routines and food that works in your particular situation. It can be eg. to be in top form, improve your health, weightloss or increase your weight. We recommend dietary advice in combination with exercise for best results.  Before your dietary advice session you should complete a diet diary for at least three days. Based on your current situation and your goals we conduct a current nutritional assessment and give advice about changes which should be made to your diet.  

Time: 60 min
Price: 750 kr



Zen coaching

Zen Coaching is for those who want support in life or for those who want guidance, for example regarding career, family, relationships, or decision making. It could be how to handle stress, to explore your needs and what is important to you. Zen Coaching is suitable for those who are curious about life, who want to develop, grow and want to live life to the full.

In Zen Coaching, we assume that we already have everything we want. When we discover that the heart really yearns for is already within ourselves, in the present, we find our inner strength and wisdom. From here we can live and define our lives.

"What an experience, from a mixture of thoughts and feelings to a peace full of clarity.” Isa, student

”Before my life as a constant strive forward, as I struggled against the wind. Nowadays, I go straight, stop and take the time to look around curiously” Anna, Unit Manager

The foundation in Zen Coaching is Zen Buddhism- mindfulness, presence and awareness in the present, the here and now, Non Violent Communication, Focusing (psychotherapeutic technique) and the Diamond Approach developed by AH Almaas.

You can choose between a conversation at Campushallen or via our website.

Certified Zen Coach - Ida Karlsson