Personal Training

Personal training is an effective and inspiring way to get the most out of your training!

There are as many reasons to hire a personal trainer. The personal trainer becomes your motivator, soundingboard, workout buddy, carrot or stick, simply a person that best sets the stage for you to effectively and safely reach your goals. We offer both individual personal training as well as dietary advice, personal training and zen coaching and personal training in a group (PT group). Choose the personal training that best suits you and ready more via the links above. 

Book an appointment for a consultation where you meet a PT in an interview like situation where the PT asks you about your goals and qualifications and then gives you a proposed training schedule - according to your circumstances and goals. It can be 1, 5 or 10 meetings which bests helps you achieve your goals.

Book an appointment for a PT consultation via our reception, by telephone 013-10 08 72, or online

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The consultation is free of charge

For more information about our PT's please see our trainers or email:


How often do I meet with my personal trainer?

How often you meet with your personal trainer is entirely up to you. Some choose to do all their workouts with their trainer, while others meet once a month to develop their program and keep motivated. Personal chemistry is a key concept, and it's important that you get on well with your personal trainer. Campushallen offers diversity by having both male and female personal trainers with different backgrounds, educations and focus areas.

This is the first step towards your new goal, welcome!