Education for staff

Campushallen trains and works actively with quality and safety at our facilities for our instructors and coaches, as well as other members of staff.

We create the conditions for all who work here to feel strong and inspired in their work role and to provide training joy to you as a member. All education and meetings that concern our instructors and other members of staff are visible in our activity calendar so all can easily book themselves in and keep track of upcoming training and events.


Here is a list and brief description of the courses that you may encounter in our activity schedule.


CPR cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation with defibrillator

All our staff is trained in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), peak airway and in using the defibrillator. CPR training is mandatory for all of our instructors / leaders at Campushallen.

Fire knowledge

All staff are trained in basic fire knowledge. Systematically we carry out exercises to train us in safety at different levels and in different areas.

Continuing Education and Development

We offer regular inspiration and education for our instructors / leaders in health and training in order to create conditions for the best possible training environment for you as a member. We also continuously each term follow-up of each instructor in terms of our trained managers. This is to assure the quality and strength of each instructor and role of leaders.

Area of expertise meeting

Once each term we gathered instructors and leaders within the same area of expertise to a meeting to discuss, inspire and develop in their field.


A two-day basic course in physiology and anatomy. The course is mandatory for all new instructors and leaders to Campushallen.

Campushallen knowledge

A course in basic knowledge about Campushallen as an association, business, supply, goals and vision.

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