Welcome to the most awesome gym in Linköping!

From traditional gym to dymanic gym. Training options assembled over two floors in bright, open and inspiring premises where you can train 100 hours a week!

Barbells, wall ladders and sportsmaster.

At Campushallen you will find everything for a varied and inspiring workout, everything to ensure you experience the joy in training. Workout at our lift podiums with barbell technology and functional training, for best grip you are allow own magnesium.
Choose from our free weights from 
0,5 kg- 61 kg, traditional machines for all body muscles, chins bars and wall ladders for endurance as well as training of the upper body.  Challenge yourself with competition-kettlebells 8 kg- 32 kg. Train the whole body based on your fitness and goals. Increase your heart rate with machines for running, rowing, crosstrainers and a sportsmaster machine for the coming ski season. The gym is situated with a great view over the gyms machine park and views of the outside park where you can run up a sweat or row your warm in Campushallens large range of cardiovascular equipment. 
In addition to the equipent in the gym there are also weight lifting belts, resistance bands and more which you can borrow at our reception, 
see detailed information here.


Gym rules

For the benefit of all, Campushallen has some gym rules:

  • Handle machinery and equipment carefully. Pick up gear and hang back weights after using them.
  • Use clean indoor shoes. Even some dirt under the shoes can destroy our machines and floors.
  • Use whole and clean clothes, at least linen and shorts.
  • Please use your own towel and / or wipe out machines with paper and cleaner after using the equipment. You find paper and cleaner in the gym.
  • When instructing the basic program in the gym - please respect the gym host's preference to the machine.
  • Avoid rest in the machines / gear, please give others the opportunity to practice between your sets.
  • In case of  machine- or equipment malfunctions - inform our gymhosts, other staff or reception.
  • Magnesia may only be used on lifting platforms 1-7
    (Magnesia uses us when there is a big difference in the grip when exercising really heavily. Svett increases the risk of losing the grip which magnesia then counteracts).

    It's important that everyone helps to follow these rules to create the best possible conditions for a nice workout for everyone.
    We appreciate your help. Good luck with the training!


Theme workouts in the Gym

During 2017 we offer various themed evenings with focus on gym training.
Different themes for different needs, from beginners to the more experienced trained. 
All workouts are bookable through our activity schedule.

Read more about the themes we have.




New to the gym, ask our gym hosts!

Are you new to Campushallen or perhaps totally new to working out? Our gym hosts are available for you if you have any questions regarding the gym desig, technology, exercises and how the machinery and equipment in the gym work. Take the opportunity to aks our experienced staff about training and get tips and ideas that can inspire you to continue training. Look out for the gang with "gym hosts" printed on their back and they will be more than happy to answer your questions. You will find the times our gym hosts are available in the right hand column or in our schedule.



Basic program in the gym

Start training together with others!
"Basic program at the gym" is a booking opportunity where we together in a group go through different training programs for gym training. The opportunity is for those who have little or no experience in weights training. You will be maximum. five people who for one hour get to try different machines and learn the basic exercises. The group gets together a proposal on the training programs that can later be used for self-training, or why not with someone you met in the group. "Basic program in the gym" is a good way to get started or a fresh start for gym training. The classes are free of charge for all who have a valid training card for the gym. You can find and book sessions in our activity schedule.



Order and tools 

We at Campushallen maintain a high quality standard of machinery, equipment, tools and premises and aim at all times to keep the gym in the best possible condition. You as a member contribute to this by returning the equipment to its proper place. Let others members use the machine when you are resting, effective training for all! 



Doping prevention 

100% pure hard training.
Together with the project 100% clean hard training Campushallen works against doping in a drug free and safe training environment. We have taken a stand and work actively against doping in cooperation with PRODIS, a national collaborative project that works to prevent the use of anabolic steroids and other doping substances.  Read more about PRODIS.

Campushallen has through this project, trained staff, developed a policy and an action plan and is now a certified facility for doping prevention.

Campushallen in this project and as a certified facility  even a vaccinated training centre  in the project and as a certified facility even a vaccinated training centre in cooperation with the nationwide work conducted by Riksidrottsförbundetr. Read more about the vaccine club.