Strong Mum

Workout for the whole body together with your baby.

The class main purpose is to strengthen and start working out your body after childbirth. The main focus is building up core stability and your pelvic floor muscles. The class is also suitable for pregnant women, and for daddies

Our Strong Mum instructors make their own classes and choose music.

Type of training


Cardio and strengthening exercises are mixed during the class, and equipment such as a step, and rubber bands might be used. The exercises can be adjusted to your fitness level.

Everyone is welcome and the class is also suitable if you're pregnant. If you recently gave birth, we recommend you to wait until your doctor has given you "green light" before taking this class.

In some exercises you can use your child as a weight. 

The prams may be parked outside the training studio, but feel free to bring baby bouncer, car seat etc. inside.

Become a happier and a stronger mum!

Bring along to your Strong Mum class:

Water bottle and small towel
Comfortable workout clothes
Shoes for indoor training

Feel free to bring blankets, toys, or anything that your baby might need during the class.

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