Simple and effective cardio workout on a bike. Work out at your own level and decide how much resistance you need.

You can connect a power meter when using our spinning bikes. A power meter is a device fitted to a bike that measures the power output of the rider. 
Does it sound a bit advanced or complicated to you? It's really not - we will help you getting started! You can opt in or out of using power meter on all our cycle classes

Type of training


Our cycle classes

Cycle 30

A tough and highintensive class for those who are used to indoorcycling.

Cycle 45 bas

For beginners, or if you want to focus on the basics. The instructor will give you demonstrations on bike settings and techniques.

Cycle 45/60/75

Variations in speed and resistance throughout the class. The class starts with a warm up and ends with a cool down and stretch.

Cycle Watt

With our new indoor bike Tomahawk IC7 we offer classes that are based on watts.

What is watt?
When it comes to cycling a watt is the power you develop when you are pedaling. It is the most objective way of measuring your performance and is easy and reliable. 

Cycle Watt class

At a Cycle Watt class you will be able to train in different watt zones based on your own functional threshold, i.e. on the watts you can train for up to one hour.
The threshold is called Functional Threshold Watts Rate - FTW.
You can find out your own FTW by going to one of our Watt test classes.
If you have not yet had time to get out your FTW, you can enter your personal data into the display on the bike, and it calculates a general value, but it is always more accurate to use your own FTW.
During watt classes you can follow exactly which zone you are in by the display changes colour.

The display changing colour is a great help when you need to know "exactly" the numbers without clearly seeing if you are exercising in the right zone. The colours also makes it easier for the instructor and creates an inspiring atmosphere in the cycle watt training room!

Watt test

Why take a watt test?
Knowing how to train with a power meter is crucial to getting the most from one – and understanding FTP is pretty much the first step.
You enter information in the display, eg. gender, age, etc. During the test you cycle sitting and hold a steady speed all the time. Every 4 minutes, the load increases by 25 watts. The test is cancelled when you can no longer keep a consistent pace for a four minute period.
For those of you who want to monitor your performance development, we recommend you conduct the test every 6-8 weeks.
Preparing for the watt-test:
Rest from intense training the day before the test and eat your last meal a couple of hours before you do the test. The test is not physically exhausting in the same manner as an exercise stress test but it is still perceived as difficult.

The difference between training with heart rate or watt is that the pulse measures body watt load and watt measures the produced effect. Heart rate varies according to daily form while in watt training a watt is always a watt. 
It does not care if you "drank four cups of coffee, got fired from work, have just recovered after a cold" etc. However you vary in your physical abilities, which makes you experience that some workouts are harder that others.

As with any Cycle class, you choose how you want to cycle. You do not need to use the watt function or cycle with a heart rate monitor - you get a great cardio workout anyway!

Keep the wheels turning!

Bring along to your Cycle class:

Water bottle and small towel
Comfortable workout clothes
Shoes for indoor training

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