Table Tennis (bordtennis)

Have you previously been a table tennis player or do you just enjoy playing?

We offer classes every week, each withplenty of time for playing, tecnique excersices, and cardio. So what are you waiting for?! Come and join the fun at our table tennis classes!

Type of training


Our table tennis classes

Bordtennis intropass (Table tennis - introduction/beginner)
Each term we offer multiple theme classes for beginners. The class means that we focus a little more on you as a beginner and we help you with technique, exercises, and of course there will be lots of games. Even though we're focusing on beginners are all levels are welcome to join. Booking as usual!

Bordtennis (table tennis)
After a warm-up the playing begins - both in pairs and singles. The class might also include some cardio and strenght excersices. Our instructors will help you out with tips and advices on how to develop your playing.

You can borrow rackets and table tennis balls at the class.

Are you interested in buying your own racket? Hot tips on this page: table tennis rackets!


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