Doping and Drugs Policy

Handling of doping and narcotics is forbidden according to Swedish law and may result in prison sentences. Use may result in serious physical, psychological and social damage.

LSIF endorses Riksidrottsförbundet's (the National Sports Confederation) anti-doping policy:

"All use of doping is unacceptable. No sports result is so valuable that use of doping can be defended."

With this as background, LSIF actively work to help their members to obtain good training effect and good health.
This is accomplished by:

  • annualy establishing an action plan to work to counter doping and drug use within our association
  • having a contingency plan for how the association should act upon suspicion of doping or drug use
  • employees, elected officials and members are made aware of the risks of doping and narcotics


Any use, possession or sale of narcotic substances is a violation of Narcotic Drugs Punishments Act (1968:64) and may result in imprisonment. Campushallen has no unique action plan for specific drugs; these substances are included in our anti-doping policy. We have zero tolerance to drugs and do not accept the use or possession of any narcotic substances.

All members of a sports association are covered by the Riksidrottsförbund's (RF) statutes and anti-doping rules. Each individual athlete is personally responsible for knowing and following current doping rules. All members of Campushallen are expected to distance themselves from doping and drugs, which you will confirm in writing when signing the member's agreement.


Revised and adopted by the Board in May 2018.