Terms and Conditions at Campushallen

It is important as a member that you know and comply with our rules and regulations.

These range from the fact that we work for a doping-free environmnt to being on time for all our activities. The rules are there to create the best possible conditions for fun and rewarding training. 


I am new to Campushallen!

Create an account and get two try out sessions free of charge!

Campushallen want you enjoy your exercise, therefore we want you to find a workout that you enjoy.
To be able to create your own opinion of our facilities and the selection we have on offer, we give you the opportunity to try us free of charge, not just once but twice!

How do I get my free trials?

Upon registering online you automatically obtain two admissions free of charge. You can use them to work out in the gym, the athletics hall or join a group training class or ball game. You can easily book a class through our activity schedule and collect your ticket at the reception. Login with the information you provided during registration.

To keep in mind when trying Campushallen
  • You need to identify yourself when you collect your ticket at the reception (for us to know that you are you).
  • The ticket must be collected no later than 5 minutes before the activity starts.
  • You can book a slot seven days in advance and if you have to cancel this should be done no later than one hour before the activity starts.
  • You need to be on time for the activity to participate, so come early!
  • You may borrow equipment needed for the activity if you do not have your own. For example, floorball sticks and badminton racquets.

Do not forget to bring ID for your workout!

Free trials apply if you are new to Campushallen or have not had a membership with us for at least one year. Free trials are valid for one month from date of registration.

Create an account


I have a membership!

My profile

By logging on to www.campushallen.se and clicking "My Profile" you are able to view your current memberships and value cards, your workout statistics, your scheduled activities, sync your reservations with your digital calendar, and manage your personal information.

Check in

Each time you visit Campushallen we want you to let us know you are here. Scan your card at one of our terminals in the lobby. Campushallen's cards have RFID tags. Just place your card on a reader and you will be checked in at the gym, or a ticket for a booked activity is printed for you. Give the ticket to the instructor before the class starts. Remember to arrive early. There are often many people arriving at the same time and there can be queues at the terminals.

Book and cancel  

You can book a class up to seven days in advance. If you need to cancel this should be done no later than one hour before the activity starts. We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to train and people on the reserve list are given the opportunity to prepare and get to Campushallen before the activity starts.
Collect your ticket for a booked class no later than five minutes before the activity starts, or you lose your reserved place. Uncollected tickets are released for drop in. If your ticket has been released for drop in you are able to rebook on the ticket machines should there still be available slots, and you will avoid a warning.

We recommend that you always pre-book your activities so that we have the opportunity to contact you via SMS or email if any changes are made. 

The first time you fail to collect a prebooked ticket a warning will be issued. Warnings are active for 12 months.
If you neither cancel your place nor check in on two occasions your card will locked from training and booking. To unlock there's a fee of SEK 100 payable at our reception. 
If your ticket has been released for drop in you are able to rebook on the ticket machines, and will avoid a warning.

Forgot your card?

We can help you at reception if you forget to take your card.

Control of cards

It is important that you at all training sessions sign in to the gym or collect your ticket for the current activity. Our security company, Securitas, conducts several times a week unannounced card checks. If you have you lent your card to another person or not checked in, your trainings card  may be blocked and  you need to pay a fee to recover your exercise rights. If you do not have a valid trainings card a police report is made. Staff from Securitas are in place for your safety and can answer simple questions about our facility. For questions about our training cards, fees, etc. we want you to contact the staff at reception.

Waiting list and drop-in

If an activity is full, you can book yourself onto the waiting list. You receive an SMS and an email no later that one hour before the event starts. The waiting list disappears one hour before the activity starts because no one then has the opportunity to cancel their place. Five minutes before the activity starts all tickets that have not been collected are released and it is then possible to quickly book a drop-in place.

Always be prepared to go to the activity if you booked youself on the waiting list. You can get a place just seconds before the cancellation time expires.

Be on time

You cannot participate in an activity if you show up after the activity has started, as to not disturb the other participants. At Campushallen we always try to start activities on time. For the sake of other participants, we have a rule that whoever comes late to an activity's start time may not participate. The rule is so that you as a member and participant avoid distractions during ongoing activities and so your workout is the best possible workout as possible. It also reduces the risk of injury, as activities always start with a warm-up.


Booking with a mobile phone 

Campushallens website is responsive which means that it works equally well on mobile phone devices like computers. Use the Campushallens website and activity schedule to schedule your activities. Feel free to add the activity schedule as a bookmark on the full screen, so you can reach the activity schedule quickly and easily via your smartphone. If you use the website on a mobile device, you can also have a shortcut to the "your bookings« directly below the menu button. It allows you to quickly and easily get an overview of your scheduled activities. Bookings for treatments and personal training are also visible in this list.



Subscribe to your bookings 

We have a feature on our website that allows you to subscribe to your reservations in your calendar. This means that you do not need to put the reservations on the calendar, but they will come up automatically. Log on to our website and go to "My Profile". In the right hand column you will find a link that you can copy and paste as a subscription in the smartphone calendar application or web service that you are using. Here you can find instructions about what to do.



Printing the weekly schedule

You can find all Campushallen´s activities schedule on our website in the activity schedule and also select the activities that you want to appear on the list by filtering the search. The list on the website is viewed as a long list with the days appearing consecutively, but if you would rather have the activities viewed as a weekly schedule, from left to right, you can print this. Filter the search with the activities that you want to have and choose a date, click on the button for “print out weekly schedule” in the right-hand corner and print out your schedule.  Read more about what to do.

Remember that our activity schedule is dynamic and in some cases may change from week to week.


Lockers and locks

If you want to place your belongings and valuables in our lockers, we sell locks in the reception. We empty all lockers every day after closing, so please do not leave belongings overnight. Campushallen is not responsible for any loss of belongings and valuables and we expect you to take responsibility for yourself and your belongings.



Cards and member's benefits

Place your training card on hold for up to 90 days

If you own a 12 month training card, you are able to place your card on hold for up to 90 days. You can distribute those days as you wish, but each time you do so you have to pay a fee of 150 kr. You can remove your card from on hold whenever you choose. 

You place your card on hold in reception or by filling in this form.

Place training card on hold

The training card om hold period can be extended when:

  • You have a doctor´s certificate. Dates are requried.  
  • With a doctor´s certificate you can place your membership card on hold for 1-4 months.
  • Studying abroad or in another city. Please provide confirmation of the course and course dates.
  • Pregnant/ giving birth. Maximum period is 2 x 90 days.
Transferring a trainings card to another person

If you have purchased a season trainings card, we will give you the opportunity to transfer this to another person. You can transfer a card at our reception or by filling in a transfer form here on the website. The cost to transfer a card is 350 SEK. You, together  with the person receiving the card, decides who pays the fee.


Some points to consider the transfer of card:

  • The membership fee of 50 kr is personal and not transferable. The person receiving the card need to be a member or become a member.
  • When transfering a season ticket purchased at a discount rate to anyone who is not entitled to the same discount, the remaining period of the subscription price will be increased for the person you who take over the trainings card.
  • Valid proof of student needs to be displayed by recipients of student discounts, as well as certificates for pensioners or LiU employees.
  • The card linked to direct debit or automatic payment by debit card is cancelled for the person who transfers the card. The new owner of the card can then choose the method of payment for the remaining time.

Transfer via form 
The simplest of all is if both can occur simultaneously at reception of the transfer of the card. If this is not possible, you can complete this transfer agreement. The agreement is completed by the person who transfers the trainings card. The person who will take over the card must do so at  Campushallen's reception.

Transfer agreement

If an accident occurs - sports accident insurance

Have you just bought a training card or signed up for any of our tournaments?
You can feel safe, as a member, you are insured!

From 1st January 2017, a student of sport accident insurance is applicable to you as a member. The insurance covers accidental injury occurring when the member is involved in our activities. It also applies during direct travel to and from our activities.

Read more about the conditions of insurance and how to report an injury.

The membership fee is 50 kr / year and paid in connection with the purchase of your training card and if you register for any of our tournaments or competitions.


Members agreement 

When buying a card at campushallen, an agreement is signed between you as a custumer and LSIF/Campushallen. Down below you can read through the contract before buying the card.




Age policy

You can become a member at Campushallen the year you turn 11. You must be accompanied by a member over the age of 18 at all times. This applies to all our classes, athletics arena and the gym due to safety reasons. The accompanying adult is responsible for the minor and signs an agreement confirming this.
The year you turn 13 you will be allowed to use our facilities unaccompanied by an adult, on the condition you have attended Basic Program in the Gym class. The gym host will run you through the basics of gym training, and provide you with a sheet of a basic workout routine. Please note that this class in compulsory for all minors signing up for a membership.

Parents can bring babies and toddlers along to the gym, providing the child is securely strapped into a pram or car seat at all times. During wet weather conditions wheel guards should be used or wheels must be dried and cleaned before entering the gym. Parents are responsible for the safety of their child and posessions, and must place them where they cannot be harmed or damaged by other members or equipment. 
For breastfeeding please use our comfortable lounge area. Nappy changeing facilities can be found in the downstairs lobby toilets near reception.

Children who are no longer strapped into a pram or car seat may not join you at the gym, athletics arena or classes. However, children are welcome to sit down in our lounge Insikten on the upper floor, as well as the lobby, where they can wait while the parent is working out. Our facilities offer free Wifi. Parents are responsible for their child at all times while visiting Campushallen.

To sign up for your own direct debit, you must be 18 years old. If you are below the age of 18 an adult needs to sign an agreement to authorize direct debit payments. 

Courts and room rental
We have no age limit for participants when you rent a court or room. Your are welcome to enquire if you want to rent a venue for a children's party! It is important for us and all other members that you and all children show consideration to our members at Campushallen.

Massage for minors
For massage treatments Kroppsterapeuternas The Professional Association rules and recommendations apply. We do not provide treatments to children under the age of 8 years. Between 8-16 years of age we offer treatment with the consent of a parent or guardian, and our treatment manager. The treatment manager can be contacted by email; behandlingar@campushallen.se


Terminate your contract

Extract from member's agreement: 
"For training cards that are not bound over a longer period, but paid on a monthly basis, the customer needs to cancel the card latest 15th of every month to avoid payment for the coming month."

You can terminate your contract in person at Campushallen's reception or online.

1.    Go to www.bokning.campushallen.se
2.    Log in using your login details
3.    Click on your name at the top right corner - choose "Mina sidor"
4.    Go to "Överblick" 
5.    See your active memberships and chose the contract you want to cancel by clicking "Administrera"
6.    Reason for cancellation compulsory